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Specialized Leak Detection Services

  • Professional, affordable and fast leak detection
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Free estimates and upfront pricing

The perfect solution for your leaks

At John Blitch Plumbing Company, Inc., we understand that frustration that comes when your home or business’s plumbing systems isn’t properly working. We will work diligently to:
  • Fix plumbing leaks at your property
  • Save you money
  • And prevent further property damage
  • Advanced, non-invasive technology available for water and sewer leaks
  • One of Savannah's original leak detection companies.

Do you have a high water bill?

If you have consistently received expensive water bills but have not used an excessive amount of water, you may have a leak. The professionals at John Blitch Plumbing Company, Inc. are experts at leak detection. Whether your sink, toilet, tub, shower or hot water heater is leaking, we will get to the root of your issue.

We can detect and fix leaks

For all of your plumbing concerns and leak detection needs, call the experienced plumbers at John Blitch Plumbing Company, Inc. Our team will inspect your property, diagnose the issue and give you a fair and honest quote. Contact us today; we are readily available to assist you.